Asia Pacific Solutions (APS) provides top-class total procurement services for industries in the Asia Pacific zone. As part of the ENTREPOSE SERVICES' expansion into the area, APS offers a wide range of industrial equipment and spares to support industrial operations.

With more than a decade of experience in supplying to a range of services including Oil & Gas, Maritime, Mining, Forestry, and Food & Beverage, APS has maintained strong and successful relationships with all our clients. Our team of qualified and professional people within the organisation endeavours to provide continuous high level of customer satisfaction.


Oil & Gas
Drilling equipment
Tubing, Piping
  Mining & Forestry
Water & pumping
Mining equipment
Power systems


Materials and Spare Parts for Pumps
Petrol Taps, Petrochemistry and Industrial Fluids: Water, Steam, Oil, Gas, Drains, Level Indicators, Pressure Reducers, Strainer Filters, One-way Valves, Industrial Piping.
Seals: T-shaped, Bent, Reduced, Series 3000 Sockets, Collars, Nuts and Bolts, Seals, Spare Parts and materials for Compressors
Products involving Air Treatment: Filtration (Ultra-filter, US filters, Pall), Distributors Jack, Seals, and Electric Valves


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